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Richard D. Tanner
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Richard Tanner featured in Live Interview on TV 8

Tanner offers 4 of his 8 tips to help people invest in themselves and improve their financial future:

12-29-2004 - Cleveland, OH

As the New Year approaches, scores of people will focus on health and fitness New Year’s resolutions. For most, the resolve to stay the course will fizzle out within a few short weeks. These same people will continue to work and earn a living as they strive for a financial goal somewhere in the future. What can they do to improve their financial future at the end of the coming year?

“Many financial experts offer the same advice at the end of the year: buy better insurance, dollar cost average, save more money, defer income into the next year, and take all of your deductions,” says Richard Tanner, a Cleveland, Ohio family wealth counselor. “A New Year’s financial resolution that’s oriented towards long term thinking and strategy for you and your family’s financial success is more likely to hold your interest,” he adds.