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Our Core Values & Principles

OAI Core Values & Principles
Richard Tanner speaks about the company's core values and principles
We are in business to help people make wise decisions about their wealth. Our goal is to help people gain clarity about their financial, estate and business succession plans in order to make informed decisions for their future. Our job is to educate and motivate people to do what they know they should. We seek first to understand and are committed to making people feel special through highly personalized, value driven service. We are an information and idea resource and we stimulate people to think creatively. Simple is better than complex and pictures with executive summaries are part of every presentation. Every communication from our office must pass the following tests: Does it improve clarity and understanding? Does it motivate and communicate? Is it accurate and simple to understand?

Everything we do must support the overriding goal of helping people to maximize their potential. We strive to practice what we preach in the form of servant leadership as exemplified by Jesus Christ. We must always tell the truth. We are problem solvers committed to a process that provides consistently superior results.