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Wealth Optimization

Clarity Comes First

By Richard Tanner, President of Ownership Advisors, Inc.

Family Wealth Counseling and Coaching is emerging as a new and improved approach to financial planning for affluent families. Wealth counseling/coaching digs deeper than traditional approaches to help people better connect their money to the social, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Most planners begin by explaining complex estate and financial techniques and strategies often leading to confusion and inaction. At Ownership Advisors, we focus on helping you gain clarity about your life purpose before discussing financial and legal tools. Our goal is to develop a single plan that can be implemented as part of a coordinated strategy as opposed to a piece meal approach. In simplest terms: a wealth counselor/coach is trained to deliver a process rather than a product resulting in an advisory relationship based on understanding and trust.

At Ownership Advisors we start with a discovery process—a Family Retreat that allows individuals or couples to talk openly about their financial independence needs, family legacy and responsibilities to others.

A by-product of the Family Retreat is a Loving Will™a document that acts as a blueprint to communicate an individual or couple's intentions to their heirs and financial advisors. This document is designed to accompany a legal will and provides a means of communicating personal views on a wide range of topics such as love, faith, family, friends, work and money.

At Ownership Advisors we help entrepreneurial families prepare for business succession through creative ideas that integrate family and social values. For example, a family business may be sold all or in part to its employees allowing the company to continue providing jobs while creating family financial independence.

Through wealth counseling/coaching we help people to make wise decisions about money in a way that integrates personal mission and values. The Loving Will™ doesn't replace the need for a legal will or an attorney, but helps professional advisors better understand their client leading to the creation of legal and financial instruments more reflective of a client's life purpose and wishes.