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Family Retreats

Gaining Clarity and Control

Ownership Advisors uses Family Retreats to help clarify life purpose and mission and create comprehensive family wealth plans. The retreat is an extended personal interview where deep feelings and dreams regarding money, mission and family are discussed. The result is clarity about your obligations to yourself and/or partner, your heirs and society.

Family Retreats deal with profound issues:
  • How do you define financial independence?
  • What is successful wealth succession?
  • How much is enough and how much is too much?
  • Balance between fair and equal
  • Communicating your plans with your family
  • Minimize family conflict
  • Protecting your family from creditors and predators
  • How much should you do to protect your heirs?
  • How to train and mentor your heirs

Loving WillŪ: Blueprint for Your Life and Wealth From our Family Retreat meeting we help you shape a family wealth letter that establishes standards for how your wealth will be managed and distributed. We call this a Loving WillŪ. It's a living document that identifies why you work, whom you value and the causes you hold dear. In summary, it's a written statement of the legacy you envision for yourself and family.

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