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Quotes & Copy Snippets

"We create peace of mind for High Impact Owners." - Richard Tanner

"We help people see that their values - not just their valuables - are transferred." - Richard Tanner

"Family-wealth counseling lets you do good things with your money instead of throwing it away in the form of taxes." - Richard Tanner

"People want to know their life purpose. If they have all the money they need for the future, what is it that will give them significance?" - Richard Tanner

"People tell me things they've never told anyone else. The retreat puts me in a very unique, very privileged position." - Richard Tanner

"People understand money. It's their mission in life they may not yet understand." - Richard Tanner

Copy Snippets

Richard Tanner advises wealthy individuals on aligning heart issues, priorities and passions with their financial plan - on paper and in the home. A proponent of values-based financial planning, he is president of Ownership Advisors, Inc. in Cleveland, and endorses a unique method for interviewing, videotaping and documenting family values as a critical component of the financial plan. His "Family Wealth Letter of Intent" is a living legacy that represents why you work, who and what you value, what causes you hold dear, and what you want your legacy to look like. Tanner is an authority on the use of Employee Stock Ownerships (ESOPs) in family held companies, and has written and lectured extensively on subjects related to charitable giving.