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Donor Motivation Workshop

It isn't a fund-raising event. It's a way to cultivate your base of affluent donors for powerful insights.

You provide a forum for affluent families and individuals to talk among their peers about wealth, family and philanthropy. We facilitate using our wealth counseling and coaching expertise. The end result of the workshop is positioning your organization to receive major planned gifts.

What's in it for Ownership Advisors? A good question you should ask of anyone suggesting that you involve them in outreach to your donors. We benefit when individuals or families participating in the workshop decide to engage us for independent, fee-based, purpose-driven financial planning.

Sample workshop titles include:
  • Eight Mistakes Trustees Make
  • Disinherit Uncle Sam and Wind Up Wealthier
  • Values-Based Estate Planning
  • How to Write Your Own Loving WillŪ
  • Doing Well by Doing Good
  • How to Transfer Values, Not Just Valuables to Your Heirs
  • Wealth Succession Planning for Business Owners
  • Turning Affluence into Influence

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