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Partnering broadens your scope of services & reduces risk

As a professional advisor you probably have some clients who fail to implement the strategies you recommend. In spite of your excellent advice, care and patience, your clients simply will not take action. Naturally you may be frustrated by situations like this and concerned about the risks that heirs may question your work.

A few years back, I heard Rodney Owens speak before a large group of estate planners about the increasing threat of disgruntled heirs suing advisors over estate planning that “should have been implemented”. While Rodney has since passed on, his warning rings loud in my ears as we carefully consider our recommendations and how well we communicate with and motivate our clients.

At Ownership Advisors we understand these issues and believe in taking a proactive approach to the troubling trend of litigation against professional advisors by clients and their heirs. Our unique planning process begins by clarifying and documenting family mission and values resulting in a well-defined roadmap for action which we believe reduces the risk of future litigation.

We believe in a partnership approach between client, advisors and ourselves.
What makes us different?
  • We advocate and deliver a team approach to planning that improves relationship between clients and their professional advisors.
  • We have sophisticated systems to manage the planning process that include advisor teams.
  • We have unique methods to measure client tolerance to complexity and strategy risk.
  • We have proprietary strategies to access and improve communication between clients and their advisors.
  • Our unique Family Retreat process identifies and often removes emotional roadblocks to planning.
  • Our proprietary Loving Will™ concept, creates a powerful blueprint that establishes clear guidelines for professional advisors.
  • Finally, we have an implementation success rate of close to 90%.

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Although our services are broad, we define ourselves by what we don't do as well:

We do not receive compensation for any of the followings services:
  • Tax preparation or audit work
  • Legal document preparation
  • Business Valuation or Appraisal
  • Financing Mergers and Acquisition
  • Third Party Administration