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The Ownership Advisors Team

OAI Core Values & Principles
Richard Tanner speaks about the company's core values and principles
Raving Fan Client Service
A Raving Fan is a proactive advocate of our services, constantly seeking introductions for us to ideal prospects not because we’ve asked them to do so, but because they want to. Try our confidential Ideal Client Profile to see if you can find benefit with Ownership Advisors Inc.
Ownership Advisors, an independent wealth management firm located in Cleveland, Ohio, is devoted to helping affluent families link their money to their mission through wealth counseling, coaching and wise money management.

We have a highly personalized team approach to financial planning that begins with the simple idea that we want to make you a "Raving Fan" of our service. Everything we do must work towards helping you make wise decisions. Every communication from our office must pass the following test: Does it improve clarity and understanding and motivate you to do the right thing for yourself and your loved ones?

Our consistently superior service flows from the top: Richard Tanner, president of Ownership Advisors Inc., has over twenty years of experience and is considered a leader and innovator in the field of values-based estate and financial planning. His passion is helping affluent families maintain harmony through the sometimes difficult process of estate and business succession planning. A sought-after speaker and author, Richard's vision is straightforward: We value people and relationships over money and we are energized by helping families maximize their potential through creative and effective uses of their financial resources.