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Family Retreats


Purpose-Driven Plan For A Life On Purpose

Our process starts with a proprietary questionnaire to guide you through the many complex issues surrounding business ownership and family wealth.

We have two approaches:

  • One for those who wish to think deeply about life purpose and the significant emotional family issues surrounding money and wealth. We use a series of open ended questions that explore your values about money and its relation to you, your heirs and society.
  • A more simplified approach using a multiple choice questionnaire that can be completed in an hour or less.

    The end result of either approach is the same – you think about the most important issues surrounding your business and family so that you can gain clarity over your mssion, vision, values and goals.

    For some, the next step of our process is to conduct a Family Retreat in your home or another comfortable setting to talk about revelations contained in the questionnaire. The retreat is really an extended interview done by an experienced family wealth counselor/coach, where we help you to Reflect on your past, Contemplate the present and Anticipate the future. We call this the RCA process and it can last anywhere from a few hours to an entire day.

    We create a safe and comfortable place for you and your spouse to share important feelings about money, your business and family. The process of thinking, writing and talking about your values leads to self discovery and clarity of mission. It also creates an opportunity for spouses to communicate more effectively with one another regarding business and sensitive money issues. The purpose of the Family Retreat is to distill the results of the questionnaire and interview into a 2-4 page summary letter we call a Loving Will™. This document is designed to accompany your legal will and can cover a wide range of issues from family financial philosophy to your views on the succession of a family held business.