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Motivate donors with purpose-driven planning

As a successful development officer you do your best to know your donor base intimately but there are only so many hours in the day. With limited resources, how can you have the impact you want and still meet the financial objectives of the organization? Traditionally, you have approached your best givers one-on-one. While this often works well, it is limited due to the number of people in your organization who can make effective presentations.

What if you demonstrated to your donors that you care about the issues they are struggling with? Through carefully facilitated Donor Motivation Workshops, we help your donors explore their concerns surrounding financial independence, family legacy and their obligations to society. The workshops use a focus group format and do not resemble traditional fund raising events. Because there is no "financial ask" at any time during the workshops, we get powerful feedback as to why they give and what needs to happen for them to give more.

The end result is highly motivated wealth holders who want to know more about how they can develop a family wealth plan that empowers them to control and transfer their social capital. Once they see the power of unlocking their social capital, they are motivated to use it which can have lasting benefits to your organization.

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