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Gaining Clarity

The vast majority of estate plans focus primarily on tax and financial issues yet research indicates 90% of estate plans fail due to lack of attention to non-financial areas. Families that avoid dealing with conflict can see generations of wealth destroyed very quickly. Families with no plan to prepare their heirs to handle money may find themselves exposed to embarrassing publicity when heirs act irresponsibly. We believe "Money without a mission is a mistake". With all this negativity, it's no wonder the most common complaint we hear from professional advisors is that they can't seem to motivate their clients to take action.

A common complaint we hear from wealth holders is that they don't understand their estate plans and can't communicate easily with their advisors. Most feel their advisors don't work effectively together as a team.

At Ownership Advisors, we have developed a planning process designed to break down the barriers of communication between family members and between you and your professional advisors. Our powerful and systematic process will help you gain clarity and control over your mission, values and goals and give you an effective platform from which to communicate within the family and to your advisors. Most important however, is our ability to take the soft issues and integrate them into a practical financial strategy that you can understand and implement.

Our process employs a unique values-based approach designed to help you connect your money to your mission through family wealth counseling, coaching and wise money management. Click on "Discovery" at the sidebar to learn more about this process.