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What can we do?

Are you an attorney?

  • We add value to your client relationships through delivery of important services such as an independent insurance audit for an affluent family
  • We help you motivate a family to start or update their estate planning though our unique Loving WillŪ concept
  • We facilitate Family Retreat meetings to uncover and remove planning obstacles
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Are you an accountant?

  • Is asset management something you'd like to offer but not directly?
  • Have you been involved with asset management in the past but feel the risk has not been worth the reward?
  • Are you having trouble motivating your clients to take action?
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Are you a money management firm?

We advise our clients on asset allocation and manager selection. As a result we often refer our clients to outside money managers. Our process of wealth succession planning insures that family wealth remains in the family and under your firms' management. Additionally, your clients often hold a portfolio of unmanaged insurance policies that we can help you analyze and audit to provide better performance and results.

For your very high net-worth clients ask us about private placement life insurance; a unique and powerful wealth planning tool that mixes insurance protection and tax advantages with creative alternative investment strategies.

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Are you a banker?

Most banks don't offer competitive and creative insurance planning. Most do not offer independent planning services. We can help you protect your most important client relationships from your competitors.

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Are you in the Mergers and Acquisition business?

Have you ever had a great prospect that simply can't make a decision about his business because of a lack of clarity or, perhaps, personal and family issues are getting in the way? Our business succession planning process along with the Family Retreat and Loving WillŪ are effective ways to determine if you really have a prospect or not.

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