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My Role as Founder

My Role As Founder
Richard Tanner talks about his role as founder of Ownership Advisors
Raving Fan Client Service
A Raving Fan is a proactive advocate of our services, constantly seeking introductions for us to ideal prospects not because we’ve asked them to do so, but because they want to. Try our confidential Ideal Client Profile to see if you can find benefit with Ownership Advisors Inc.
My role as founder and CEO is to set the vision of our firm. My primary job is to uncover opportunities to develop relationships with people who have the potential to become Raving Fan Clients.

Equally important is my role to help create an entrepreneurial environment where the best and brightest people can work passionately to deliver our unique service process.

Our unique process is designed to help successful families and companies connect their money to their mission through wealth counseling, coaching and wise money management.

To learn more about exactly how we do this and whether we are the right planning firm for you, please give us a call for a complementary initial interview.