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Life Transition Planning

Life is a continual process of transition. Graduations, the birth of a child, your first job, a new house, purchasing or selling a business, retirement, chronic illness and death are all important life transitions that work best when there’s a plan in place. From beginning to end, we’d like to be at your side as your guide. Smooth transitions lead to sustainable wealth and family unity.

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Evidence Based Investing

Emotions and investing do not mix well. This why our evidence-based investment approach is informed by your long-term goals, academic research and financial science. We focus on what you can control, which provides a disciplined approach that relies on diversification and minimizes expenses and taxes. Our motto is Science not Science Fiction.

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Insurance and Wealth Transfer 

Protecting your estate against predators, creditors and excessive taxation requires creative planning backed by solid insurance products that stand the test of time. As a member firm of M Financial Group, we bring exclusive institutionally priced products and strategies designed for the affluent market and not available to the general public.

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Charitable Estate Planning

We are skilled at integrating creative and conservative strategies that strive to redirect your surplus wealth away from Uncle Sam to causes near and dear to you. Our process aims to allow you to transfer the core value of generosity to your heirs though hands on pre-inheritance experiences. Our goal is to help you create sustainable family wealth.

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Business Transitions

Our passion for helping owners manage business transitions goes way back. Mark and Richard both have strong ties to family companies and together bring a long history of serving and solving the challenges faced by successful business owners. Of the many valuable lessons, we’ve learned over the years, one thing is certain, if you don’t manage important life transitions, they will manage you. Doing nothing often results in losing control of everything and family conflict.

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Family Wealth Counseling

90 percent of affluent families lose control of their wealth within three generations. If so, you might ask, what do the 10% do differently? They integrate the hard issues (tools, techniques and strategies) with the heart issues (social, emotional and spiritual). We have developed a comprehensive process that integrates the practices of some of the best families across the US that have avoided the 90% failure rate* that destroys family wealth and unity.

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Our goal is your success. Below are some resources to help you have a successful financial future.


A collection of handpicked articles.


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Managing your money involves more than simply making and following a budget.

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"Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it."

- Robert Kiyosaki

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