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Business Transition

Maintaining Family Harmony Through Business Succession  

Current wealth research indicates the majority of private business owners in America will fail to successfully transfer their companies to the next generation.*  Deciding how and when to transition your business is difficult because your company may be your most important life accomplishment.  Fear of family conflict and fear of failure are often cited as primary reasons why many owners never complete an orderly plan of succession.*  This failure of leadership leads to strained family relationships and an eventual loss of wealth and a breakdown in family harmony.

Exit on Purpose™ is a process we’ve developed to align, define and protect your business legacy.


  • Who should own your company? 
  • Who should lead and manage the business? 
  • What role will family members play if any at all? 
  • How will employees fare after you leave? 
  • What do you need to take away from the business? 
  • What will you do with your time, energy and money when you leave? 
  • Inside, Outside or ESOP
  • Business transition planning
    • What it isn't: 
      • A liquidity event 
      • Buying an insurance policy. 
      • A shareholder agreement 
      • Letter of instruction to your spouse  
      • Endless meetings with your advisors or board
    • What is is:
      • An orderly process of managing important life transitions in order to leave your company in style, in control and on purpose.  

*According to Perry L. Cochell & Rod Zeeb authors of Beating the Midas Curse