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Our Process

Masters of Control
All successful wealth creators are masters of control. By learning how to harness their energy, resources and emotions over long periods of time, financial success emerges. As success and wealth grow, so does complexity which leads to ever more need for control. With increased complexity, comes stress and confusion, which for 90% of all affluent families, results in the loss of control within just a few generations.*

The Paradox of Control
The paradox of wealth is that only sure way to control wealth, is to release it. Sounds like a no-win situation and yet we know at least one in ten families beat the odds. At the end of the day, everything we do is aimed at breaking this viscous cycle.

By studying the habits of the 10% families who have created sustainable wealth beyond two generations we custom design a model of sustainable family wealth for our clients. Unlike traditional planning which is focused on (ROI) return on investment our goal is to help you create empowered wealth which leads to (ROL) return on life.

*Evidence by the research conducted by Rod Zeeb of the Heritage Institude and author of the Midas Curse.

Our Process

We begin with a Probate Dress Rehearsal™. This proprietary process is designed to simulate what might happen to your family and wealth if you weren’t around. The process includes assessments and exercises designed to build awareness and clarity. A big revelation for many is learning how much wealth is necessary for financial security versus how much can be safely released for family or charitable causes. While this may sound basic, most people are rooted in fear and unaware of how generosity is used as a tool to unlock on of the great secrets of sustainable wealth, giving it away, strategically.


  • What do successful families do differently?
  • Is sustainable wealth and family unity important to you? 
  • Are you willing to get little uncomfortable to address emotional and family issues?

Clarity on desired outcomes

  • What are your most important assets?
  • Do you know what happens to everything you own when you’re gone?
  • What impact do you desire?  


  • What standards should be used to measure success?
    • Net worth
    • Net wealth transferred
    • Sustainability
    • Family unity
    • Family values transferred
    • Philanthropic capacity
    • Return on life
    • Return on investment

Prioritize actions

  • What needs to be done first 


  • Who and how will it get done?


  • What process of oversight will work for our family?

Life in a Box

As a kid, things were simple. Life's different now and financial planning keeps you organized and in-the-know.

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